6 Tips to Secure Your Dream Dental Job

Graduating soon? Like every young dentist before you, we’re sure you’re trembling at the thought of formally entering the professional life! Let’s be clear on one point, though. As scary and impossible as it sounds, everybody just somehow has survived the early days of their professional career. 

Whether you know someone ‘who can help,’ or have a flawless academic record, or have neither, don’t fret unnecessarily. The professional path in dentistry is a long walk. However, it ultimately leads to your success if you put in enough hard work and smart work. To help you build your confidence and trust yourself, here are some useful tips to secure your dream dental job:

  1. Study to Practice

Need we say more? It’s clear enough that bachelor’s and specialization studies aren’t meant to be simple text. Most of what you study as a student is bound to alter or be discarded because of constant research. Therefore, the best way to study at a dental school is to consider it as a part of your early professional practice.

Read everything for the sake of future reference. Read more than just textbooks. Go for research journals, articles, discoveries, and innovations. Not only will this help you build your professional knowledge, but it’ll also help you make a good impression during interviews.

  1. Be Active Online

In the era of the digital realm, everybody has a common focus on one tactic; building an impressive online presence. Join Facebook groups related to dentistry and follow your most desirable dentists and their office pages. Read online articles to test your knowledge on-the-go. Use YouTube, Udemy, Britannica, or other learning-friendly platforms to get help with anything you can’t understand or are interested in.

Beyond the learning part, being active online will also help you get recognized with the practicing professionals. This is a better way to excel in your career than just relying on in-house agencies. You can use LinkedIn for a convincing job profile, or you can use websites like DrRecruitment.com to land valuable jobs!

  1. Groom Yourself

When you’re applying for a job interview as a dentist, be careful about the impression you leave on your interviewer. In short, practice well for a dentistry job interview. Here are some points to keep in your mind:

  • Dress according to their requirements.
  • Read up a bit about the prospective employers to let them know you’re genuinely interested.
  • Show enthusiasm in learning as a new dentist.
  • Make it clear that your interest extends beyond what you earn. Earnings in medical fields are a small part of a bigger picture. Let them know you value the nobility of your practice.
  • Get a friend to practice speaking with you. If that’s not possible, practice your speaking, answering, and expressions in front of a mirror.
  • Be on time. Taking up something as critical as dentistry, you can never risk your punctuality.
  • Be confident. Shake their hand firmly. Look them respectfully in the eye. Don’t be too pushy or whiny about getting the job.

  1. Follow Up on Your Dream Dental Job Posts

It’s not something to be ashamed of! If you feel like there’s a job that you can wait for to reapply, you should follow up on its status. If the job position you want remains vacant after you’ve been rejected, try to reconnect with the employers. This is sure to build a respectful image in their eyes if you follow up professionally. 

Here, it’s important to know that sometimes, a job position is vacant, but the firm hasn’t started its hiring process yet. If you’re interested in such a job, drop-in or email them to ask about the job opening, who knows, they might end up calling you for an interview. If not, then at least they’ll be sure to remember you when they call people for the job!

  1. Ask for Help from People You Know

It’s unlikely that in a career as widespread as dentistry, you don’t know any practitioners personally. Look around you! Your father or mother? Siblings? Any friend or relative? An old neighbor? Senior student? Any professor? Any family friend?

If you concentrate, you won’t have trouble finding someone who’ll land you a job or at least recommend you. Even if your acquaintance doesn’t employ you, a recommendation from them will be enough to build some of your reputations.

  1. Start Your Own Practice

Though this is supposed to be the last resort, there’s nothing wrong with starting your own practice early. You can begin in your final years of specialization and start working part-time. Go around the neighborhood to let people know you intend to practice. Initially, spend some time voluntarily servicing for those that you know. Provide consultations and minor services like scaling and dental hygiene at low fees and take that as a learning experience. Keep up with your reading and researching while you do your beginner practice. 

Dental job- Dental chair

Slowly, with increasing experience and knowledge, you will find that your reputation spreads, and people trust you better. This would be a great time to start up your clinic, increase your number of services like surgeries and implantations. As you grow, you can hire your staff and be a reputed, independent practitioner!


Building a career in dentistry is bound to take away at least a few years of your adult life. However, with consistent practice and effort, you won’t be deprived of your dream dental job for long!




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